Red flags that can indicate that your partner is likely to abuse you early on

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Red flags that can indicate that your partner is likely to abuse you early on, Early in a relationship, people can mistake their new partner’s dubious behavior for a bad day because they are so infatuated with him or her. In addition, it happens very frequently that something that someone brushes off as insignificant turns into abusive behavior that causes them to feel stuck in the relationship despite their desperation to end it. This occurs too often.

As reported by the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science published on Monday, researchers at the University of Western Ontario in Canada sought to determine whether there were markers that consistently preceded and predicted intimate partner violence. According to CNN, abuse of romantic partners can be classified as physical, sexual, or psychological, and is committed by individuals against their romantic partners.

This is one of the very first studies to identify behaviors that predict abuse but are not themselves abusive. This is according to Dr. Nicolyn Charlot, a researcher affiliated with the psychology department at the University of Western Ontario who was the study’s lead author.

As a general rule, violence doesn’t typically appear at the very beginning of a relationship. Having a partner who does not respect your privacy is an incredibly rare thing when it comes to first dates.”

If violence is committed, people often have already invested a lot of time and energy into their relationships, according to Charlot. Leaving can be a very difficult thing to do. So, my idea with this study was that if people were able to see red flags, warning signs, in advance of becoming invested, of moving in, of whatever it might be — then perhaps they might be able to take a few minutes to reevaluate the relationship, to proceed more cautiously before violence occurs.”

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