Rail link between Asia and Europe worth £6 billion

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Rail link between Asia and Europe worth £6 billion, In the last few months of negotiations, a major new railway line that connects East Asia with Southern Europe has been given the green light following years of negotiations.

As part of the agreement, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan have signed.

In total there will be 523 kilometers of rail line, of which 213 kilometers will pass through China, 260 kilometers will pass through Kyrgyzstan, and 50 kilometers will go through Uzbekistan.

Aside from the tunnels and bridges that will be constructed in Kyrgyzstan under this agreement, more than 50 tunnels will also be constructed.

Approximately six million pounds are estimated to be spent on the project.

Once the new railway line has been built, it will eliminate approximately 900 kilometers of the journey between Asia and Southern Europe once the railway line has been completed. The delivery time will be reduced by one week and the storage capacity of the cargo will also be increased.

This project will further expand into Western and Southern Asia in the future in order to cover a larger area.

During the signing ceremony, Uzbekistan’s president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, dubbed it an “historical event” and called it one of the most important events in the country’s history.

In his words, “Chinese-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway project will serve as the shortest ground highway connecting China with the region of our country.”.”

As a result of this new route, it will be possible to achieve access to the markets of South Asians and Middle Eastern countries by exiting through the promising Trans-Afghan corridor in the near future.”

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