Queen Rania: West complicit in Gaza civilian killings

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As the humanitarian situation in Gaza continues to worsen, Jordan’s Queen Rania slams Western leaders’ “glaring double standards” on the situation, saying that their support for Israel’s criminal activities amounts to aiding and abetting mass killings and the profiteering of terrorist groups across the world.

It comes at a time when the humanitarian crisis in Gaza has worsened as a result of deadly Israeli bombardments in Gaza and a blockade imposed by Israel.

As a result of the air strikes carried out by Israel on the besieged Gaza Strip, more than 5,700 Palestinians have been killed, including 2,300 children, 1,200 women, and 295 senior citizens.

Several hospitals in the Gaza Strip have warned of collapsing as a result of low supplies, due to the Israeli blockade that has been in place since the attacks by Hamas began on October 7 against Israel. Over 16,200 people are injured, according to Gaza officials.

Queen Rania, who is also of Palestinian descent, said, “There is a sense of shock and disappointment among the people all around the Middle East, including in Jordan, about the world’s reaction to this catastrophe that is unfolding right now.” In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Queen Rania said, “We are only disappointed by the world’s reaction to this catastrophe.”

In a speech last week, she expressed regret over the “glaring double standard” that emerged in the Western world, and she reiterated that the Arab world recognizes the Western world’s criminal support for Israel as “aiding and abetting” the mass killings of civilians in Gaza.

In the aftermath of the attack on October 7, the world immediately and unequivocally stood by Israel. It denounced the attack that occurred and supported Israel’s right to defend itself. But what we are witnessing in the last couple of weeks, is a silence around the world.

As Queen Rania went on to explain, this is the first time that such human suffering has been experienced in modern history and the world is not even calling for a ceasefire as a result,” she said. So, for many in our region, the Western world is complicit in this crime against humanity, and the silence is deafening.”

It is misleading to suggest that killing a family, an entire family, at gunpoint is wrong, but that shelling them to death is OK. Can a person understand that? The double standard here is glaringly apparent, and I think that this is a very big problem.

In the Arab world, it is just shocking to hear about this.”

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