Punjab schools shut for four days to curb pink eye infection

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LAHORE: As a precautionary measure, the Punjab government has announced a four-day holiday in all educational institutions across the province from Thursday to Sunday in order to contain the conjunctivitis virus. 

After a visit to a government school in Lahore on Wednesday by caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi during which he expressed annoyance over the presence of students affected by conjunctivitis, the decision was taken.

It was ordered that children who are infected with the virus will not be permitted to attend school immediately while the interim chief minister summoned the secretary of schools.

According to the secretary of schools of Punjab, the decision was made to protect children from the conjunctivitis epidemic that has been spreading throughout Punjab.

It is with great regret that we inform you that in light of the spreading of Conjunctivitis / Pink Eye Infection 141 among schoolchildren, the Competent Authority is pleased to inform you that from Thursday, 28-09-2023 until Sunday, 1-10-2023, all Public & Private Schools in the Province will be closed for all classes.

The statement continued that all schools will reopen from Monday, and that the standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be followed to prevent the spread of pink eye infections throughout the school system.

According to the statement, all Chief Executive Officers (DEAs) in Punjab have been directed to ensure compliance with the orders.

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