Prince William and Kate Middleton ‘torn apart’ over big Prince George decision

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Prince George decision ‘torn’ William and Kate Middleton apart. In regards to their eldest son, Prince George, Kate Middleton has finally conceded to her husband Prince William.

Despite long-standing disagreements, the couple decided to send their 10-year-old to boarding school, just like William and his estranged brother Prince Harry.

In accordance with “tradition,” the future king wanted to send his son to the school, but Kate wasn’t interested.

“Kate believes sending him to such a stuffy, upper-crust institution contradicts their efforts to modernize the monarchy,” an insider told InTouch Weekly. In addition, she will miss George terribly. After years of arguing, William has finally won.”

The Princess of Wales finally relented after George insisted on the idea because he “wants to be like his father.” The source said that’s how Kate “finally caved in.”

“But she’s still heartbroken,” the insider said. Her first boarding school was horribly bullied, and she can’t bear the thought of George being bullied.”

George will join Eton Society, which does not accept boys under the age of 13. According to the source, William used to visit the queen for tea because she was so close by. There is boarding only, but it’s close enough to George’s home for him to come home on weekends.”

“They can still spend time together, and he can bond with his siblings,” the source said of Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5. It still seems as if her family is being torn apart. William might also insist that the other two kids be shipped off next. It’s part of her ‘royal duty,’ but there’s a lot of tension between her and her husband at the moment.”

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