Parvez Elahi has been diagnosed with a chest infection

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Parvez Elahi, President of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has been transferred back to the jail in Adiala after being diagnosed with a chest infection at the Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC), where he was taken earlier today (Saturday) with a chest infection. 

An official at the medical facility told Geo News that the 77-year-old politician has been incarcerated for months now and he was transferred to the Regional Internment Center after complaining of chest pain earlier in the day. The politician has been incarcerated for months now.

When the former Punjab chief minister reached the medical facility, he underwent a detailed observation as soon as he arrived there. It is reported that after the check-up, the medics advised him that he would have to return to the hospital within the next few days, according to sources.

As a result of the procedure, he was taken back to prison under tight security afterward.

Since May 9, the PTI president has been enmeshed in a number of legal battles over the course of the current year, with PTI officers bearing the brunt of the heat following the violent protests that took place on that day.

A corruption reference of over Rs1 billion was filed earlier this month against him, his son Moonis Elahi, and others by the National Accountability Bureau.

It has been reported that the anti-graft body filed a reference against the father-son duo for allegedly plundering the national treasury and accepting kickbacks in exchange for their services. It was the same case in which he was arrested in August of last year.

It was initially reported on June 1 that the senior PTI leader had been arrested in a Rs70 million graft case relating to the embezzlement of development funds allocated for the Gujrat district, and he has been in prison ever since.

There were several occasions when he was released, only to be caught re-arrested a few weeks later in several cases, including a money laundering case and allegations of irregular appointments in the Punjab Assembly.

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