Pakistan’s chances of reaching the semis at the World Cup?

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After suffering four back-to-back defeats for the Pakistani team in the ongoing World Cup, they managed to pull off a seven-wicket victory over Bangladesh in Kolkata on Tuesday.

There are still many hurdles Pakistan has to clear in order to reach the semi-final of the World Cup – but this win was an important step towards keeping this dream alive.

As it is crucial for Pakistan to win their remaining matches, an ideal scenario for the Green Shirts would be for New Zealand to lose their remaining matches as they have eight points from six matches at the moment.

The Black Caps will end the group stage with eight points if they loose the three matches they face within the next three days, while the Pakistanis will qualify for the knockout stage if they win their next three matches.

I believe that Pakistan will have a better chance of qualifying for the semi-finals if the following results take place in an ideal scenario

A win for South Africa over New Zealand in Match 32 of the Rugby World Cup

IND vs Sri Lanka – India wins the match in the 33rd match

It was Afghanistan who won the match 34 between Afghanistan and the Netherlands

The match between Pakistan and New Zealand was won by Pakistan in the 35th match

England vs Australia – Australia wins the 36th cricket match between these two teams

There has been a victory for India over South Africa in match 37

There was a victory for Sri Lanka over Bangladesh in match 38 of the Asia Cup

There was a victory for Australia over Afghanistan in match 39 of the series

ENGLAND vS THE NETHERLANDS: England win the match by a single goal

Sri Lanka beat New Zealand in match 41 of the Ashes series

It was a convincing victory for South Africa over Afghanistan in match 42

There was a win for Australia in the 43rd match between Bangladesh and Australia

Pakistan beat England in match 44 of the Ashes series

The match between India and the Netherlands ended in a victory for India.

According to the above scenario, India will be the first team to reach 18 points, and South Africa would be following with 14 points, if all the results follow the above scenario. After qualifying for the knockout phases of the World Cup, Australia will finish third with the same number of points as the Proteas, while Pakistan, with 10 points, will finish fourth and qualify for the knockout stages of the tournament.

The remaining matches Pakistan will play at the ICC World Cup 2023

There will be a day match on November 4th between New Zealand and Bengaluru (day match).

The match will be played in Kolkata on November 11th against England

Pakistan will play their semi-final match in Kolkata if they qualify for the semi-finals.

The match between India and Pakistan will be played in Mumbai if India qualifies for the semi-finals, unless the match is against Pakistan in which case the match will be held in Kolkata.

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