Pakistani PM Kakar asserts US weapons are used for terrorism

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Pakistani PM Kakar asserts US weapons are used for terrorism. It is important to note that Anwaar-Ul-Haq Kakar, who is the caretaker prime minister, said it was irrelevant whether the United States denied or acknowledged its weapons were being used against Pakistan, because they are now being objectively proven that they are being sold on the black market and used by terrorist groups.

There is documented evidence that proves this fact, and Pakistan does not state it just as a result of some conspiracy theory. He also said that there is documented evidence that this fact is true.

What happened to the 150,000-strong Afghan military who vanished within two days? In response to a question that Geo News asked during a press conference at the Prime Minister’s House in Islamabad, the premier said that the small weapons and weapons they possessed were undocumented, and no one knew who they were with.

Adding to this, PM Kakar said that these weapons are sold on the black market and are used in terror attacks, which obviously prompted Pakistan to raise this issue at every level as well as with the Americans.

This is a very dangerous trend that is not only being pursued in Pakistan’s black market but also in other parts of the region, including the Middle East. It is a very concerning trend,” said Mr. Khan.

There is a crisis in Afghanistan with regards to migrant workers

He stated that Pakistan has every right, both morally and legally, to send back illegally residing foreigners to their countries of origin in response to the migrant crisis emerging in the country in the wake of the repatriation of Afghan refugees.

The illegal immigrants are one of the biggest contributors to the spread of insecurity across Pakistan. The recent actions of the government are neither unexpected nor surprising, caretaker prime minister,” he told reporters during a press conference following the release of a policy statement.

It was further noted that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) registered more than 1.4 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan in addition to the illegal residents.

In his remarks he emphasized that Pakistan and Afghanistan share a close relationship of brotherhood, neighbourliness and religious harmony, and that the unprecedented demonstration of brotherhood between the two countries in the last four decades is an example of the strong relationship between the two countries.

Pakistan has always been there to help Afghanistan whenever there was a difficult time for Afghanistan and shared its pain whenever it was necessary. During the 44 years that Pakistan has been welcoming Afghan citizens, the country has offered open arms to four million Afghans.

In spite of limited resources, he continued to maintain that Pakistan supported its Afghan brothers.

It would be fair to say that the limited and meager assistance given by international organisations is nowhere near ten-tenths of the support given by the international community to Pakistan over the past four decades.

There is a growing sense of fear in Pakistan about the growth of terrorism

The Prime Minister Kakar reiterated that the decision with regard to repatriating the detainees was made due to the state’s concerns on account of the increasing terrorism in the country and the fact that terrorists belonging to Afghanistan were involved in the activities being committed on Afghan soil.

There was strong hope that there would be lasting peace in Afghanistan after the interim government was formed in August 2021. The Pakistani government expects the Afghan government to take strict actions against the anti-Pakistani militias, such as the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), according to the Pakistani ambassador.

It should be noted that the incidents of terrorism in Pakistan have increased by 60% in the past five years, and the rate of suicide attacks has increased by 500% since the establishment of the interim Afghan government.

It has been reported that 2,067 innocent citizens have been killed in bloodshed over the past two years, according to him.

As a result of the activities of the TTP terrorist organization in Pakistan, the lives of innocent citizens have been lost and blood has been shed. Using the Afghan territory as a platform, they conduct cowardly attacks on the territory of Pakistan in a cowardly manner,” he stated once more.

In addition to this, the premier reported that 15 Afghan citizens were also involved in suicide attacks in this time period, and 64 died in combat with Pakistani law enforcement agencies during this period.

According to him, Pakistan has been informing the Afghan interim government about the situation every 15 days since February 2023, but no action was taken to resolve the issue by them, despite repeated requests from them.

As well as the list of Pakistani terrorists in Afghanistan, the interim Afghan government was given a list of the anti-Pakistan terrorists who are most wanted by Pakistan, he stated, adding that no action has been taken against these terrorists.

There have been repeated calls from the Afghan government for Pakistan to focus on its own internal situation rather than take any concrete steps towards resolving the situation. Pakistan has decided to correct its internal affairs under your assistance as a result of the Afghan government’s behavior and non-cooperation,” Prime Minister Kakar explained.

Asserting that such statements are “unnecessary and irresponsible”, the prime minister has stated that such statements have been spoiling the atmosphere in the country by adding that they are “unnecessary and irresponsible”.

There have been extraordinary increases in terrorism incidents in the recent months and this has confirmed the state’s concerns after the statements of the Afghan leaders.

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