Pakistani diaspora to benefit from Punjab’s property transfer service

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Punjab’s newly elected Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz announced Friday that she would launch a service to help expat Pakistanis transfer their property from overseas to their home country, preventing them from being cheated.

In a speech he delivered while chairing a special meeting of the Punjab Board of Revenue (BoR), the provincial chief executive discussed reforms at the meeting.

With the addition of this service, Pakistani diaspora will be able to use the facilities of e-filing, mutation, and land registration that have been provided for the Pakistani diaspora.

There have been several recommendations by CM Maryam regarding the launch of this service as soon as possible for Pakistanis living in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries.

In order to ensure that the property transfer services offered to the Pakistani diaspora meet the deadline, she directed that the government should be given a record of its land in the province.

A briefing on the affairs of the Punjab Land Record Authority was given during the meeting to the newly elected chief minister.

On behalf of Maryam, steps have been taken in order to construct small gyms and parks on the government land along the roadside. Also, she ordered that land facilitation centres be established in all the districts of the state.

The land facilitation centres are expected to be set up across 11 divisions by the end of June, according to the meeting. A land record of 5,798 Mauza is also expected to be available for download online up until December 2024, as was also mentioned to the participants.

As part of the land record project, the chief minister was informed that 10 districts of the province would begin the process of creating an online land record. The governor informed her that the land owned by the government to be used for corporate farming would be 811,044 acres in total.

At a meeting on the Urban Unit in Lahore, Maryam, while presiding over another meeting on the Regional Economic Corridor in Punjab, had said it was important to put in place a comprehensive planning system.

An industrial zone mapping plan should be prepared according to her instructions.

After obtaining authentic data through industrial mapping, the Chief Minister announced that the government was committed to providing assistance to small industrialists.

In order to formulate a practical strategy to control smog on a large scale, she directed the preparation of data from all industrial units.

During his speech, the chief minister announced that the government will take all measures to facilitate investments in the country.

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