Pakistan stocks pull out of early freefall as late recovery occurs

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Pakistan stocks pull out of early freefall as late recovery occurs, Initially, due to the uncertain outcome of the recent general elections, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) was uncharacteristically volatile today, plummeting over 2,000 points at one point. 

Even though the market suffered this setback, it showed resilience and managed to recover late in the day to close 1.87% lower at 62,943 points.

Muhammad Sohail, who is the Managing Director of Topline Securities, attributed the drop in the stock market to the “unexpected” results of the elections, which came as a surprise to market observers before the election. It was a sell-off caused by uncertainty which led to a 3% loss in the benchmark KSE-100 index at its lowest point, which was triggered by a significant drop in the price.

Following the previous day’s strong closing, which was driven by pre-election optimism, investors are now taking a cautious approach amid an uncertain political landscape amidst the previous day’s positive closing. PSX has shown some degree of resilience throughout the day, rebounding from its lows and closing approximately 0.54% above where it had begun the day, which indicates that investors are hopeful about a stable government after the election.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is poised to reassess Pakistan’s credit rating very soon, with the possibility of the credit rating being upgraded to B if the new government adheres to the terms of the IMF program and commits to fiscal reforms. 

As the initial election results emerged, however, some depreciation of dollar-denominated Pakistani government bonds took place, reflecting the uncertainties surrounding the forthcoming election.

Despite ongoing militant violence and a deeply polarized political environment, it is imperative for Pakistan’s economy to be acknowledged that it is in the process of recovering. Among the solutions that can be used to reduce political uncertainty is a timely announcement of election results that is recommended by Moody’s Investor Services. According to Grace Lim, an analyst at Moody’s Credit Ratings, this report is of great importance for a country that is going through macroeconomic challenges.

There is no doubt that Pakistan’s General Elections of 2024 remained generally peaceful; however, there was a lingering question about the legitimacy of the electoral process due to the absence of Pakistan’s mainstream political force Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the delay in the publication of the results. 

Several National Assembly constituencies report preliminary and unofficial results that indicate that independent candidates backed by the PTI are leading. There is a complicated interplay between the inflation expectations and the uncertainty of the outcome of the elections, as well as the ongoing economic and political challenges in Pakistan that reflect the PSX’s volatility. There is a great deal at stake when it comes to long-term stability, especially when it comes to addressing critical issues by the new government.

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