Pakistan seeks Chinese assistance in EV technology

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EVs and batteries are emerging fields in Pakistan, where the government has sought assistance from China.

A meeting took place on Wednesday between Dr Umar Saif, Caretaker Minister for IT and Telecom, and Jiang Zaidong, newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan.

Umar Saif posted on social media platform X, “Wonderful to meet the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan.”.

During a “very productive” conversation, the interim minister shared how Pakistan can take advantage of Chinese technology for emerging areas like EVs, batteries, chip manufacturing, and telecom infrastructure.

Our discussion focused on how Pakistani companies and startups can tap into the huge Chinese market. As well as our academics working with world-class universities like Tsinghua University, we talked about how we can collaborate with them.

Pakistan is seeking strategic partnerships with China in the fields of IT and telecom, according to a statement released by the Ministry of IT.

According to the minister, Pakistan-China EV cooperation can become a milestone in the future. Using China’s cooperation, Pakistani authorities are developing indigenous mobile phone batteries.

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