Pak-US deal on sci-tech cooperation renewed till Oct 2028

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Pak-US deal on sci-tech cooperation renewed till Oct 2028. Following the sharing of diplomatic notes between the officials of the two governments, Pakistan and the United States extended the agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation for another five years Wednesday.

A ceremony was witnessed by Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Masood Khan and Jason Donovan, the director of the Office of Science and Technology Cooperation in the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES/STC), US Department of State.

The documents were exchanged between Muhammad Saad Ahmed and Michelle Sheckells from the US State Department.

As a result of the agreement, both countries will be able to strengthen their scientific, technological, and engineering capabilities, broaden and expand their scientific and technological communities, and promote peaceful scientific and technological cooperation.

In accordance with the agreement, the two sides will exchange scientific and technical information, exchange scientists and technical experts, convene joint seminars and meetings, train scientists and technical experts, conduct joint research projects, engage in educational exchanges in science, technology and engineering, create public-private partnerships based on science, and engage in other forms of scientific and technological cooperation as mutually agreed upon.

Since 2003, the Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation between the two countries has been extended every five years.

The Ambassador Masood Khan welcomed the extension of the agreement as a framework for promoting cooperation between scientists, engineers and technology experts from both countries to address climate change, energy, agriculture, and information technology challenges.

According to him, a collaborative environment in science and technology could pave the way for a comprehensive dialogue between the two countries to forge a strong partnership.

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