Other staff members are also affected by Phillip Schofield’s scandal

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It has come to the attention of ITV bosses that Phillip Schofield has unwittingly created trouble for ITV staff members, who have been ordered to disclose their relationships with colleagues due to the scandal he has been involved in. Schofield, who quit the show before Holly Willoughby’s departure, has caused trouble for other staff members and has reportedly upset other staff members.

In the wake of Schofield’s affair with his male colleague, the network has ordered the This Morning staff to tell the network about their personal relationships with colleagues.

After Schofield revealed that he had had an affair with a younger male colleague, he quit the show earlier this year after revealing he had taken part in an “unwise but not illegal” affair with him. In addition to his presenter’s termination, his talent agency also dropped the presenter, who had been co-hosting This Morning with Willoughby for more than a decade.

Despite the fact that the network had been operating under its previous policy concerning relationships among co-workers since October 2022, it has since updated the policy. An announcement made by a broadcaster revealed that the content has been reviewed and refreshed this month.

ITV requires you and any colleague you have a personal relationship with to disclose it to the company at the earliest opportunity, whether it was prior to or during your employment or engagement with the company. According to The Sunday Times, both parties need to disclose it as soon as possible.

In addition to this, it has also been claimed that those who fail to disclose their relationships if they have any with anyone will face disciplinary action that could include losing their jobs if they fail to disclose their relationships.

A freelancer, consultant, contractor, or an individual with work experience is going to be covered by this policy. It has also been advised to whistleblowers to report any concerns they may have internally, according to the newspaper. After ITV’s boss, Dame Carolyn McCall, announced that an external review of Schofield’s affair would be carried out, she announced an external review that would take place in the next two weeks.

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