On Wednesday, Punjab announces school holiday

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LAHORE: On Wednesday, Punjab announces school holiday. On Wednesday, Punjab announces school holiday. Punjab’s caretaker education minister, Mansoor Qadir, said on Wednesday (October 18) that educational institutions will not be closed.

As of this Wednesday, schools will not be closed. Every week, we will conduct meetings on the smog issue [and then take future decisions].

In light of the deadly smog, the caretakers were considering closing schools and offices on Wednesdays.

Rains in recent days have improved air quality in Lahore, the province’s capital, which is most affected by smog, prompting the rulers to delay making the decision.

In the same press conference, caretaker Information Minister Aamir Mir said smog makes people sick every year. People should be aware of this issue.”

The government has imposed Section 144 to curb smog and limited cars on the road that might spread it further. 

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