On 100th Republic Day, PM Kakar celebrates Turkish grit and determination

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PM Kakar says Turkish nation’s strength is grit and determination. As the Turkish nation celebrated its 100th Republic Day on Sunday, caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar sent a message of congratulations to the Turkish nation.

There is no doubt that the Turkish people have resolutely made their way along this historic journey of preserving their independence, and have continued to inspire freedom-loving people all over the world, thanks to their grit and determination.

It was also important to the Prime Minister that he lauded President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as well for leading Turkiye through a period of economic transformation and for its role in progressing towards peace and prosperity that are mutually reinforcing goals under his leadership.

In a letter posted on X, formerly Twitter, Prime Minister Kakar sent the following message to Turkiye: “On behalf of the government of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan, I would like to extend our warmest congratulations on this auspicious occasion of the 100th anniversary of our beloved country.”

The prime minister also added to this passage that the first proclaimed the Turkish Republic by the Turkish Grand National Assembly took place in Ankara on October 29, 1923, marking the culmination of the heroic struggle of the Turkish people for freedom led by Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The momentous occasion also marked the culmination of the heroic struggle.

Kakar posted on X that Turkiye has made incredible strides across all spheres of life during the last century and a half.

It is with great pleasure that we, in Pakistan, celebrate with our Turkish brothers and sisters the centennial of their republic and their innumerable accomplishments which they have made, he added.

In his speech, PM Kakar reaffirmed Pakistan’s fraternal relationship with Turkiye and underscored how these ties are rooted in abiding religious, cultural and historical bonds.

In order to illustrate the long-standing and cordial relationship between Pakistan and Turkey, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif highlighted a quote by the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his speech.

According to Kakar, “The Muslims of Pakistan have great affection for your country and have great respect for your sovereignty, and now Turkiye and Pakistan, both of them being free, sovereign, and independent countries, will be able to strengthen their ties to the benefit of both sides,” the Pakistani leader was quoted as saying.

With every passing day, our bilateral relations continue to grow stronger and stronger, which gives me great satisfaction. To steer bilateral cooperation in areas such as defence, economy, health, education, agriculture, tourism and culture, he added, institutional mechanisms like the High Level Strategic Cooperation Council (HLSCC) and the Strategic Economic Framework (SEF) provided a leadership-driven, people-centric and future-oriented focus.

During his remarks, the prime minister mentioned that the Pakistan-Turkiye relationship is unique in that both people are tethered by the same heartbeat.

In spite of the devastating earthquake that struck Southern Turkiye in February 2023, as well as the massive floods in Pakistan, in 2010 and 2022, as well as the earthquake of 2005, we have stood by one another through every trial and tribulation. We believe that the overwhelming solidarity and support that our two countries have shown their brethren in need for the sake of their brethren is an outstanding example of love and devotion that is unmatched in interstate relations,” Kakar explained.

The Pakistani prime minister reaffirmed Pakistan’s steadfast commitment to further strengthening multidimensional strategic ties with Turkiye, particularly in the area of economic cooperation.

As a result of our concrete steps, we have already signed a Trade in Goods Agreement (TGA) and a Strategic Economic Framework (SEF) toward the achievement of this goal, according to him, and he added that a robust economic partnership and strengthened connectivity will be the pillars that will guide our bilateral relationship for years to come,” he wrote on X.

According to Kakar, in his message to the Turkish people for the second century of the great Turkish Republic, the people of Pakistan pray that the Turkish nation will continue to prosper and progress through the coming years.

The Prime Minister also said that he hoped that the special relationship that was developed between our two nations would continue to flourish for many years to come.

As Turkey mourns the loss of Gaza, celebrations remain muted

Under the shadow of Israel’s escalating war with Hamas resistance forces in Gaza, Turkey on Wednesday celebrates its 100th anniversary as a post-Ottoman republic amid somewhat muted celebrations.

Turkey’s Islamic-rooted party has run Turkey since 2002, and President Erdogan will be at the center of a day-long celebration honoring its founder.

As one of the leading figures of the modern Turkish state, Erdogan and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a military commander from the era of World War I, are considered seminal figures.

As a result of the end of World War I, Ataturk is regarded as a national hero throughout Turkish society, not only for his role in driving out the invading forces but for building a new nation from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire.

Turkey was created as a nation of Western-oriented, Western-oriented citizens that stripped religion from the institutional structure of the state and attempted to craft a modern new identity for the nation based on its many ethnic groups. Later on in its history, it became the proud member of NATO defence alliance head by the United States of America, as well as a symbol of hope for democracy in the Middle East.

In spite of this, Ataturk’s transformation of the country into one dominated by Muslims broke down the nation’s social ties and created divisions that continue to weigh heavily on Turkish politics to this day. The Turkish president Erdogan drew his power from these factors as he led the Republican People’s Party (CHP) (formed by Ataturk in the early 20th century) to victory over the leftist Republican People’s Party (AKP) formed by his predecessor.

As a member of the Turkish government for the past decade, he has been testing the limits of Turkey’s secular traditions, as well as its relationship with the West.

Ataturk will be the focus of Erdogan’s emotions on Thursday when he pays tribute to Ataturk before celebrating the accomplishments Turks have made during his tenure as pm and president while he oversees celebrations of Turkey’s recent achievements.

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