North London mansion costs Taylor Swift $10M

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It looks like Taylor Swift is working hard to revamp an old mansion that once belonged to a politician in North London so she can use it as her own space.

This exclusive estate has a price tag of $10 million, which is a whopping amount for a man who made his name with the Antihero hit.

Currently, the singer is in the process of looking through catalogues that include renovations including the installation of swimming pools and orangeries, and the process is underway.

Due to the fact that she is generally considered to be detail-oriented, she made sure every part of her new mansion represents the best of her style.

She spends most of her time touring around the US cities, including Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York City, where she performs for various audiences.

Additionally, she has also been residing in the city of Travis Kelce, who is also her boyfriend, since recently. 

As part of her love of the Victorian city, Swift released London Boy in 2019, a song that showcased her love for that city. 

It doesn’t surprise me that she dated British singers as well, like Harry Styles, who has a house in Hampstead, and Calvin Harris, who has a house in Primrose Hill.

The Sun quoted a source as saying, “Taylor loves London, and she has been searching for a base in the capital for a long time, and she has not been able to find any.”

There is no doubt that this estate makes perfect sense to her, as she loves the culture and vibe of the city, and she feels most at home in North London.”

In a statement released last week, it has been confirmed that the Love Story songwriter’s song London Boy was written just as much as it was a love letter to the city, and as a result, it refers to so many locations and places.

She is thrilled that this new property will give her roots in this part of the world, but she is taking her time to ensure that it meets all of her needs and is as safe as can be,” the statement concluded.

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