Noise-cancelling headphones can really help ADHD sufferers?

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Noise-cancelling headphones can really help ADHD sufferers?. It has been shown by medical professionals and specialists that certain individuals suffering from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may find noise-cancelling headphones beneficial to their health.

As a result, ADHD sufferers often have difficulty concentrating in noisy environments, including shared offices, which can make it difficult to concentrate.

Whether it is the ringing of a phone, coworkers striking up a conversation, or even someone nearby preparing coffee, distractions can be categorized as anything from a phone ringing to a coworker striking up a conversation.

In a recent interview with Health, a psychologist based in Boca Raton, Florida, explained that many ADHD patients have a hard time filtering out extraneous sounds from the background.

He explained that someone who does not suffer from ADHD may not even be aware of a minor background sound, such as a printer going off, while an individual who does suffer from ADHD might be acutely aware of it.” As a result, it can be difficult to remain focused when you are in an environment full of noises that appear and disappear constantly.

The fact that individuals with ADHD may be able to benefit from noise-cancelling headphones may be one of the reasons why they may find them helpful at work or in other environments where concentration is necessary.

“Even though people with ADHD have different symptoms, one of the symptoms could be easily distracted by noises,” Kendra Mathys, PsyD, a psychologist at Cleveland Clinic, was quoted as saying by Health.

Using noise-cancelling headphones might be helpful if external noises are annoying, as this can minimize distractions from outside, according to her.

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