Next week, Karachi is likely to be hit by a three-day rainstorm

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Karachi three-day rainstorm, Under a westerly system of winds that is forecast to sweep across the city by the end of the week, Karachi’s citizens should prepare for another wet spell and prepare for another wet spell.

According to Dr Jawad Memon of the Himachal Pradesh Weather Observatory, there is a possibility of showers in Sindh and Balochistan due to the rain-producing system, which is expected to enter the country. According to him, Karachi will also receive rainfall due to this rain-producing system.

According to Memon, the system will remain in effect until the 27th of February.

A number of heavy downpours, accompanied by thunder and lightning, have been wreaking havoc in the metropolis in the past few days, as rainwater infused with sewage overflowing from choked lines flooded many of the city’s streets and roads earlier this month.

A major artery in the mega city was submerged with rainwater following the storm and commuters in their cars were stranded, as well as houses and hospitals being filled with water as a result.

Most of the roads, including MA Jinnah Road and II Chundrigar Road, have been plagued with blocked lines and accumulated water mixed with sewage overflowing from choked lines, which caused problems for commuters.

According to timenews, that’s the news.

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