New York sentencing delayed until September 18 of Trump

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New York sentencing delayed until September 18 of Trump, The Supreme Court decided Tuesday that a president is immune from prosecution for hush money payments, the first fallout of the ruling on presidential immunity, and the sentencing of Donald Trump will be delayed until after the Republican National Convention.

Despite some of the president’s immunity from prosecution, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the former president enjoys some immunity, which will delay his trial for conspiring to overturn the 2020 election, which could have led to his impeachment.

As soon as the ruling was made public, Trump’s legal team released a letter to the New York Supreme Court in which they stated that the immunity ruling vindicated Trump’s position that he shouldn’t be judged for his “official acts” and also reiterated how much he wanted the conviction set aside.

Originally, Trump’s sentencing was set for July 11th, just before the Republican National Convention on July 15, where the party is expected to nominate Trump as the party’s nominee in the battle to succeed President Joe Biden for the White House on the 16th of November.

Judge Juan Merchan said in a court filing that “the matter is adjourned until September 18, 2024, at 10 am in order to decide whether or not it is appropriate to impose a sentence, if it is still necessary to do so,” to allow the Supreme Court to review its controversy-generating decision.

In a filing earlier this year, Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg had stated that he was not opposed to the delay, however he believed the defendant’s arguments to be unsubstantiated, giving the defendant an unfair advantage.

In May, Trump was found guilty of a crime in New York, making him the first former US president ever to be convicted of a crime. There were 34 counts against him that have been found guilty of falsifying business records in order to cover up hush money payments made over the course of his alleged affair with an adult film star during the campaign to be President in 2016.

This is ‘loud and clear’ 

On Truth Social, Trump wrote that he had been aware of this giant and highly illegal scam from the beginning, long before the Supreme Court gave its decision, which proved him to be totally innocent.

“The impact of this ruling on the Immunity Ruling is a loud and clear signal that justice in the United States will continue to prevail. I am proud to be an American.” He added.

In a strong warning issued Monday, Biden stated that Trump would exploit a “dangerous precedent” set by the US Supreme Court decision if he were elected in November.

According to Yale University law professor Asha Rangappa, who worked as a US FBI agent and is also a professor of law at Yale University, Trump’s conduct seemed to be “far removed” from his official duties when he was convicted.

However, because the Supreme Court gave little guidance in its ruling, it is hard to truly know what counts and what does not count in the case.

The current president has been doing everything in his power to get the trials delayed until after the election because he faces four criminal cases.

It has been ruled by the conservative-dominated Supreme Court that President Trump – and all presidents – are entitled to “absolute immunity” as a result of their official acts during their tenures, but they can still be prosecuted if they commit unofficial acts.

John Roberts, lead conservative on the Court, wrote in the majority opinion that while a president does not have absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for acts he undertakes while in office, he does have “absolute immunity” from prosecution in the event he commits one such act.

As a result, Roberts said, the president was not protected from prosecution when exercising his fundamental constitutional powers.

According to the Chief Justice, “The unofficial acts of a President are not immune from prosecution,” indicating that the case should be returned to the lower court in order to determine whether the charges against Trump are connected with official or unofficial acts.

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