New single from Sabrina Carpenter, “Please Please Please”

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A new single has been released by Sabrina Carpenter called Please, Please, Please. This track was co-written with Amy Allen, who has collaborated with Sabrina Carpenter before, and produced by Jack Antonoff.

She is set to release her new album Short n’ Sweet in the near future, and the single is part of it.

Directed by Bardia Zeinali, the music video starts out with Carpenter seated in a holding cell, only for her to catch sight of her real-life boyfriend Barry Keoghan shortly after he is taken into custody by the authorities.

Her presence is seen when he is released. Not only that, but we find out that she participates in his escapades going as far as kidnapping a man and looting a bank. After Keoghan is arrested, Carpenter drives him away from the station, but only to cuff him to a chair, and use duct tape to cover his lips while he is in jail. This pattern repeats itself every time Keoghan is arrested.

Earlier this week, the pop singer announced that her sixth studio album Short n’ Sweet is scheduled for release on August 23, just months after announcing the date earlier this year.

With the announcement of the project, she wrote on social media that this project is quite special to her and that she hopes it will be just as special to you.

There is no denying that Espresso has served as a breakout moment for the singer, as she performed back-to-back standout performances at Coachella a few months ago that cemented her place as a superstar in the music industry.

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