New AI-powered headphones filter out unwanted sounds

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New AI-powered headphones filter out unwanted sounds, There is a new development in noise-cancelling headphones designed at the University of Washington that integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their design. They provide users with the ability to cancel out unwanted voices and sounds while only allowing them to listen to selected sounds.

The University of Washington’s Shyam Gollakota, who is recognized for his expertise in real-time audio processing using artificial intelligence technologies, led the team in the development of a new system that is capable of detecting speech in chaos.

Using the principles of artificial intelligence, he was able to develop headphones that selectively preserve certain sounds while suppressing others. 

He made the announcement at the Canadian Acoustical Association-Acoustic Society of America joint conference in downtown Ottawa, which was being held at the Shaw Centre as a joint conference between the two organizations. 

Announcing this amazing feat, he remarked on how he could imagine himself in a park surrounded by chirping birds, and then being bombarded by the chatter of a group of people who simply cannot stop talking while he was in a park?

Now imagine if your headphones could allow you to focus on the sounds of the birds and the rest of the surrounding noise would just fade into the background so that all you would hear is the birds.”

Using a breakthrough technology called Noise Cancelling Electronics, they designed a neural network based on the smartphone that could detect a spectrum of 20 different categories of environmental sounds ranging from alarm clocks, crying babies, sirens, and birdsong, among others.

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