Misprinted Rs1,000 banknotes issued by SBP

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Misprinted Rs1,000 banknotes issued by SBP, As a response to the recent controversy regarding the half-printed banknotes, SBP has said that such errors and faults are always possible in any product, regardless of how meticulously security checks are performed during the large-scale production process.  

As a result of a video that has been making its way around the internet on Tuesday, Pakistanis have expressed their outrage at half-printed banknotes. This man, who calls himself the bank manager of the National Bank of Pakistan’s Model Colony branch in Karachi, showed two fresh Rs1000 banknotes that had blank backsides.

My knowledge is that I do not know how many bundles have already been dispatched. We received word about this because a customer returned them, and that is how we got to know about it in the first place,” he stated.

In turn, he then showed another bundle in which notes were equally half-printed as in the previous bundle, stating that every bundle in that stack had two of these half-printed notes.

According to a clarification issued by the central bank today concerning this matter, it is still possible for currency notes to have such faults, as large-scale printing and production of currency notes poses a risk.

There is a strong mechanism in place at Pakistan Security Printing Corporation to segregate misprinted banknotes from the rest. In spite of this, there is still the potential for such faults to occur in mass production [of currency notes],” according to the SBP.

Despite all of the quality checks, it said that it is always possible for a few misprinted notes to reach the masses, despite all quality checks being put into place.

Among the cash bundles to be dispatched to the NBP branch in July, there were merely 10 pieces of currency with misprinted front and back sides, the report said, adding that there was “very little evidence” of such a mistake compared to the total number of currency notes printed and distributed.

SBP’s BSC counters are located throughout the country and provide an opportunity for those who have received these defective notes to exchange them for perfect notes.

It was also noted that the SBP is making changes to its internal controllers in order to prevent such malfunctions in the future.

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