Miley Cyrus struggles to move on from Liam Hemsworth separating

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Miley Cyrus struggles to move on from Liam Hemsworth separating, Despite a clear understanding of the circumstances surrounding Liam Hemsworth’s divorce, Miley Cyrus has been struggling to move on without a proper closure, an insider told Us Weekly.

Life & Style reported that the singer for Flowers is still haunted by the way things ended with Liam, saying that he was “very scarred and tormented by it all.”

“When they broke up, she thought it was for the best and that she would never look back. However, after all these years have passed and she has had to admit she misses him and she is having to say that, to her credit, she is still missing him to this day.”

In an interview with a member of the press, an insider confided in me that the woman believed she would be able to fully move on if they sat down and talked about it and made amends with each other. 

As reported in Wrecking Ball, the singer is not interested in rekindling her romance with Liam, but she does need closure. Liam, however, is not willing to give this closure to her.

Sources close to the actor have revealed that he has “moved on with the relationship and does not see the need to sort anything out and just wants to continue what they had before. He’s over it and doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.”

In the words of an insider, “Miley is used to getting what she wants, so when Liam won’t agree to see her, she’s extremely frustrated,” said the insider. 

A decade-long romance between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth ended in 2019 after they have been married for almost a year.

Timenews1 provided that news. 

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