Mercury reaches a temperature of 45.6°C in Lahore

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The temperature in Lahore reached 45.6 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, which has been consistent with the heatwave that has been sweeping across the city. Met office has predicted similar weather conditions for the next 24 hours. During the next two days, Met officials warned that heatwave conditions are likely to prevail over most plain areas of the country as a result of ongoing drought conditions. Among the highest temperatures recorded on Tuesday were 52°C at Jacobabad, while the lowest temperatures were 27°C in Lahore and 46°C at Lahore, respectively.

Heatwaves and high temperatures have been experienced in Lahore and other plain areas due to ongoing drought conditions. It has been quite difficult for the temperatures to cool down because of the lack of rainfall and the scarcity of water, both of which have intensified the heat. In addition to the potential detrimental effects on the environment, agriculture, and human health, this prolonged heatwave can also increase the possibility of dehydration, heatstroke, and crop failures.

Mercury reaches a temperature of 45.6°C in Lahore, Met officials have advised citizens to take precautionary measures to stay cool such as avoiding outdoor activities, drinking plenty of fluids, and avoiding direct sunlight. They have also warned people to take necessary precautions to protect vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and children.

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