Megan Fox addresses plastic surgery controversy: “Don’t have fat”

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After years of unrelenting assumptions about her appearance, Megan Fox revealed all of the cosmetic procedures she underwent in order to address them.

According to Fox on a recent episode of Call Her Daddy with Alex Cooper, one of her most controversial body procedures is the fact that she has gone through everything she has done. I feel as though there is a stigma attached to it, which I cannot win. However, I hope that it sets some people free.”

I would say that Megan, to begin with, has never had a facelift of any kind, but she has been accused of it. As for the things she hasn’t done — but has been accused of doing — she said, “I have never undergone a midfacelift, not a lateral brow lift — although I would like one — nor a regular brow lift. I have never taken threads. I have researched threads, and I honestly do not believe that they work. I am also afraid that my facelift will be interferred if I decide to have one.”.

Unlike many people, I have never undergone buccal fat removal. I am a lean person who does not have enough body fat or fat on the face, so I won’t undergo such a procedure,” she continued.

“I will never ever take fat out, I will only ever put fat in. That is why I have never ever had liposuction or body contouring or anything like that, which is why I have never had the procedure done on myself.”

In response to Alex’s question about whether she had ever undergone any sort of surgery on her butt, the singer replied, “I’ve never had an implant or a Brazilian butt lift.” I would be so flattered if somebody thought I had that. If I could, I would. Having that surgery is so hard to recover from because I do not have the extra body fat. There is a lot of time spent lying flat on your face for three months, and you’re bruised for the rest of your life. It’s so crazy, and the pain is so extreme.”

It was at the age of 21 or 22 when I had my breasts done. After I was done breastfeeding my children, it was time to have them redone,” she explained. There was a time when the first set of implants had to be redone because of an insufficient amount of body fat to conceal [them], so I could see the ripples in the implant, so I had to switch them out for this new set as soon as possible.

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