Matthew Perry’s funeral statement released by Kate Middleton

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Matthew Perry’s funeral statement released by Kate Middleton. An eye-opening statement was shared by Kate Middleton on Wednesday following Addiction Awareness Week 2023, which marked the end of the week along with a touching statement from a British charity called the Forward Trust. The Forward Trust helps people with substance abuse problems and alcoholism.

There was a timely sharing by ‘Taking Action on Addiction’ on its official X, formerly known as Twitter, of an important message from the Princess of Wales as part of its campaign to improve understanding of addiction and end its stigma.

On the same day that Kate released her statement, Matthew Perry, an alum of the Friends television show, was laid to rest. It was reported last Saturday that Perry died in a hot tub at the home he shared with his wife in Los Angeles. There is no doubt that he has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction throughout his life.

In a statement made by Kate Middleton in response to Addiction Awareness Week, the Duchess expressed her deepest gratitude to all the charities involved in helping to raise awareness of this terrible disease, and to express her unwavering support for the campaign.

I hope that by talking more openly about addiction, we will be able to explore the people in our own lives who have been impacted by addiction. It is my hope that talking more openly will help us to acknowledge the people in our own communities who are affected by addiction.” said the prince’s wife.

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