Looks matter more to men at work than to women

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Apparently, a new study shows that men are more likely than women to benefit at work from their looks because they are more attractive.

Earlier this year, CNBC reported on a study published in the journal Social Science Quarterly, which contradicted the notion that females use their looks to their advantage at work in order to maintain a position of power.

It was found that women who were considered more attractive tended to have a slight advantage over those who were perceived as less attractive, and this was even more true for women considered the least attractive.

Males, on the other hand, saw the greatest differences between the two groups. 

In this study, it was shown that the attractiveness of males as a group did worse than those who were deemed average, and thus did better than those who were deemed the least attractive, demonstrating that attractiveness, at least in the case of men, plays an important role in workplace performance.

Other research carried out by Phys.org has shown that many of the characteristics people use when describing strong, capable leaders are seen as masculine characteristics.

Several recent US presidents have been tall men over six feet tall, according to Jennie Blumenthal, one of the most prominent leaders as well as the founder of Corporate Rehab, a leadership consulting firm that specializes in leadership development. Blumenthal believes it’s not a coincidence that so many presidents have been tall men.

 As a result of the tendency we tend to assume that those who are stronger, taller, and more attractive have a greater capacity for leadership, women are automatically at a disadvantage.”

A woman’s attractiveness directly contradicts what people might consider to be stereotypes and expectations about business leaders, which are ingrained in the minds of most people.

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