Launch of world’s first luxury Arabian cruise line by Saudi Arabia

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Launch of world’s first luxury Arabian cruise line by Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia has shifted its attention to the aquatic tourism sector following the introduction of its highly futuristic Neom plans.

AROYA Cruises will be the first Arabian cruise line to launch in the world, following a recent announcement from the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia is known for its fascinating cultural history and amazing natural wonders, which are celebrated on AROYA cruises.

There are 1,678 cabins onboard the flagship vessel of AROYA Cruises, which is a 335 meter floating resort with panoramic views of the sea, as well as luxury suites and villas with balconies.

There is space on board for over 3,362 passengers, along with 20 entertainment venues spread out across 18 decks, so passengers will have plenty of opportunities to shop at AROYA’s stores, enjoy performances in our 1,018-seat theatre, and take in children’s shows.

A VIP experience can also be availed by travelers, which will make their trip more memorable, as well as make their journey more luxurious. In addition to more spacious, premium suites, outdoor lounges, a gourmet dining experience, and more, the VIP package offers many additional amenities.

In December 2024, AROYA will make its inaugural voyage in the Red Sea, and will be visiting Egyptian and Jordanian private islands as well as destinations in other parts of the world on their first voyage.

You can make a reservation for a Cruise straight-forward by visiting the website, which states: “AROYA Cruises, the first Arabian cruise line, takes pride in offering its guests a unique experience at sea and ashore based on authentic Arabian culture.”

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