Laughter on? Here are some funny London business names

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Laughter on? Here are some funny London business names. The proprietors of chip shops love to play with words, from the relatively simple ‘A Fish Called Rhondda in Pentre’, Rhondda Cynon Taf to the more complex ‘A Fish Called Codfather in London’, The Codfather in London.

As part of the scheme, Amy’s Winehouse, a Sunderland wine business, Kilning Me Softly, a Milton Keynes ceramic cafe, and Barber Streisand, a London barber shop, are all participating in the scheme.

A florist, Rachael Allen, runs the flamboyantly named Dark Side of the Bloom, which is found in Gwynedd, north Wales, just outside the city of Bangor.

As far as she is concerned, naming her company Dark Side of the Moon after the Pink Floyd song, Dark Side of the Moon, was a wise financial move.

There are a lot of comments, it is unbelievable how quickly it is taking off, she said.

It was important to me that the logo that would be used reflected an alternative florist rather than just the standard florist because we do a lot of alternative weddings here.”

The name Pink Floyd tends to draw the attention of those who consider themselves Pink Floyd enthusiasts, even though she is not one herself.

As a result, I have done a number of funerals and weddings for bikers. Even more importantly, I think it’s because of the name that I get a lot of bikers. “So the name has worked for me,” she said.

In addition to these eye-catching names on our list, there are several other companies which made the cut as well:

There is a vape shop in Essex called Puff Dad E (Vape shop)

There are a variety of services available at Southport Removalists, including;

There is some Fin Fishy in a pet store in Wirral called Some Fin Fishy

Taking care of your pest control needs in Wilmslow is Pest in Peace

In Belfast, there is a restaurant called Thaitanic (Thai restaurant).

It is a bizarre pop-in show about pet babysitters who work on the Isle of Shetland in Scotland.

In Battle, East Sussex, there is a man named William the Concreter who drives a cement mixer van.

It’s Jason Donervan from Bristol’s Kebab van that I’m writing about today.

I’m looking at you now, Taco Look At Me Now (West Sussex, Taco van).

It was Bonnie Tiler from Tiler’s Farm, Llantwit Major in the Vale of Glamorgan, who donated the farm.

I’ve been in love with you since I first saw you in Mumbles (Cafe, Swansea)

In Birmingham, there is a barbecue restaurant called The Apocalypse Cow.

Doner Summer (a kebab shop located in Leeds)

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