Late-40s Elizabeth Banks talks about youthful glow

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Recently, Elizabeth Banks took to Twitter to share a few secrets about staying young well into her 40s and still looking youthful.

According to Elizabeth, who is No.7’s first celeb ambassador and spoke to US Weekly earlier this week at No.7’s Reversal Lounge in New York City, “I am all-natural beauty to be honest with you.”.

According to the 49-year-old man, “nobody’s ever been in here, that’s for sure.”

Elizabeth explained that she has never gotten Botox because she has a very high self-esteem and that therefore is the reason why she has never gotten Botox. Rather than focusing on how I look, I try to focus more on my self-confidence and less on how I look.”

As she spoke about her self-consciousness about her crow’s feet in her recent interview, the Hunger Games star revealed that she felt insecure about them.

Elizabeth, however, realized that neither her experience, nor her laughter, nor her love had anything to do with other people.

As the actress pointed out, “I have come to comprehend that so much of [skincare] is not only something you do on the outside, but also something you do on the inside.”

According to her, “I find that my mental health deteriorates by not going outside every day, when I do not exercise, when I do not go outside to play every day.”

The self-esteem of a person decreases when his or her mental health deteriorates. The actress and movie director remarked that all of her usual habits were suddenly thrown out the window.

During the discussion, Elizabeth stated that it was not just about what you put on your skin, it was about what is coming from the inside out of you as well.

It is worth noting that the Charlie’s Angels star recently opened up about her thoughts about No. 7. She said, “What I love most about No.7 is that it took fifteen years of [research and development] to develop this peptide technology.”

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