Lara Trump: who is she?

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In a recent news announcement, former President Donald Trump, who was also a Republican presidential candidate, said that he endorsed his “very talented daughter-in-law”, Lara Trump, as co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), alongside Michael Whatley, the Republican Party chairman of North Carolina, according to the BBC.

Traditionally, the RNC as an organization has concentrated on fundraising as well as motivating Republican voters to get out and vote.

The endorsement of Trump by the committee would mean his campaign will be closely aligned with the committee and its operations if Trump’s endorsements go ahead. There is no doubt that if he were to make such a move, his hold on the party would be even tighter.

Sources indicate that the current chairwoman of the board of directors, Ronna McDaniel, is considering stepping down at the end of the month following the primary election in South Carolina.

Do you know who Lara Trump is?

The wife of Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump, Lara Lee Trump has been an American television producer since the 1980s and is the mother of two children. In addition to her previous work with Fox News, she has also received a number of awards.

In the campaign for Trump’s election, she has played an important role as a supporter. During Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign she participated in the Trump-Pence Women’s Empowerment Tour, which was designed to empower women. 

After her father-in-law was elected president, she began to work for him as an internet producer and fundraiser, and she helped him raise money for his campaign. It was during Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign that she played a key role as an advisor to Parscale.

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