KU extends the deadline for submitting online admission forms

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KU extends the deadline for submitting online admission forms. It has been announced by the Directorate of Admissions at Karachi University that the application deadline for the morning programme 2024 has been extended to November 13, said Dr Saima Akhtar, who is in charge of the admission office at the university.

A statement she issued stated that the university had announced the launch of online entry test-based admissions for the academic year 2024, including those for the morning sessions of the BS, BEd (H), and BE programs as well as those for the Department of Visual Studies, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Doctor of Pharmacy (morning and evening sessions).

During her discussion with students, she advised them to visit the university website (www.uokadmission.edu.pk) so that they will be able to access information regarding admissions, such as required qualifications, online application form, prospectus, and application guidelines.

Moreover, Dr Akhtar emphasized to the applicants that they should also submit their admission forms along with scanned copies of the relevant documents through the online admission portal in order to be considered for admission. This is because the university requires all the applicants to submit all the documents online in order to process their admission. Additionally, the university needs to review the documents before finalizing the admission, so submitting them online makes it easier for them to do so.

The university is able to quickly review the documents online and compare the applicants to other applicants. This allows them to make decisions quickly and without taking up too much of their time. Additionally, they are able to track the progress of all the applicants more easily when they submit the documents online.

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