KP announces date for rerunning MDCAT 2023

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KP announces date for rerunning MDCAT 2023. In response to the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC’s) decision to abolish two-year Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Sindh, the Sindh government has come out in support of the programs, stating that they will remain in the province.

Nisar Khuhro, the Adviser to the Chief Minister on Universities and Boards, announced on Wednesday that Sindh would be able to continue to offer all of its two-year degree programmes despite the HEC’s move, which he called an “attack against provincial sovereignty”.

The two-year degree courses will continue to be offered at all Sindh’s universities through the provincial autonomy under the Universities Act under the leadership of Khuhro.

A medical adviser has pointed out that sometimes the federal government robs the students of their rights through the Pakistan Medical Commission and at other times it attacks the autonomy of the provinces through its tactics.

According to the adviser, the recent measures of the HEC, such as the associate degree program and the PhD policy, would serve a significant purpose in depriving the middle and lower-middle classes of higher education.

It was announced last year that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) would not recognise any two-year bachelor’s degree programmes run by any educational institutions after the academic year 2018 as it will not recognise any such programmes run after then.

A letter had been sent by the commission in this regard, directing all degree awarding institutions in both the public and private sectors to immediately stop offering these programs due to the recent decision of HEC to phase out two-year BA/BSc programmes.

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