Korean students sue government after 90-second exam call off

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The government of South Korea is being sued by a group of teenagers in the country after it notified them ninety seconds early that their college admission test had ended

Reports from the BBC state that they are seeking 20 million won ($15,400; £12,000), which is the equivalent of a year’s study for them in order to be able to retake the test.

As indicated by the attorney for the student, the miscalculation did affect the results of the student’s remaining exams as well.

As part of the popular Suneung college admissions test that attracts students from all over the country, there are numerous papers scheduled back-to-back over the course of eight hours.

Among the world’s most difficult tests, the Suneung is one of the hardest, with severe consequences for anyone who fails it.

Besides the job search and university placements, it also plays a decisive role in the future of future relationships. 

There are several measures adopted during this annual event to aid in the concentration of students, such as the closing of the nation’s airspace as well as the postponement of the opening of the stock market during the time.

I am pleased to inform you that the results of the exam for this year have been released on December 8.

39 students have filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against a Seoul test center, claiming the bell tolled earlier during the first subject, Korean, of the test than it should have, after at least 39 students filed the suit on Tuesday.

While some students protested at first, they reported that their papers were taken by the supervisors regardless of their protests. 

The teachers caught the error before the next session began, and they were able to allow the students to compensate for the lost lunch time before the next session began. 

Their sheets could be marked only if there were blank columns on them and the answers they previously submitted were not allowed to be changed.

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