Kharkiv governor says 16 injured by Russian strikes

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A total of 16 people have been reported injured, two of them critically after the Russian forces retaliated on Tuesday against the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, reportedly hitting residential buildings. The attack is coming as the combatants gear up to inflict as much damage as possible against each other. 

The Russian government has been accused of attacking the city center with two S-300 missiles, as announced by Governor Oleg Synegubov on social media.

There is no doubt that the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv is experiencing frequent bombardment after the Russian regime began its special military operation in February 2022, just 30 kilometres (19 miles) away from the border with Russia.

A few residential buildings were destroyed as a result of the strikes, but the mayor of the city said that there were no military targets nearby and some residential buildings were destroyed.

Earlier on Tuesday, the local authorities issued a warning to residents of about 3,000 villages surrounding the frontline near Kharkiv, warning them to evacuate due to the increase in Russian attacks in the region.

As a result of the special military operation in Ukraine, Russian troops captured swathes of the Kharkiv region very shortly after it was launched. They have continued their efforts to wrest the region even though they have lost ground.

At least three people were killed in the latest attack, which occurred nearly two weeks after Russian aircraft struck Zmiiv, Kharkiv region, on January 8, causing at least one death.

In a terror strike that took place earlier this year, on December 30, over 160 people were injured after a Russian missile barrage was launched against Kyiv, along with several other cities in Ukraine, killing at least 30 people.

It has been claimed that the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, in a statement, has claimed that the Russian military used “pretty much all the weapons it had in its arsenal”, targeting both residences and a maternity hospital in its attack.

It was reported by Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson that the Russian air defenses, which were overpowered in the past, have greatly improved in the past couple of weeks.

There is no doubt that the Syrian government is employing hypersonic, cruise, and ballistic missiles, including the X-22 type, which have a difficult time being intercepted, and that so many targets have been hit simultaneously for the first time.

Approximately 114 missiles and drones were shot down by the air force out of 158 that were launched. It is difficult to imagine that a direct missile hit could have brought about such a degree of destruction.

For months, Ukrainians have been anticipating that the damage and fatalities that will result from the devastating floods would be caused primarily by falling debris. A new threat has emerged in the form of a greater one.

Yuriy Ignat, the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force said it was a “record number” of missiles and the “most massive missile attack” of the war, except during the early days when the Ukrainian Air Force was continuously bombarded by the Russian air force.

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