Kelly Osbourne shares her thoughts on quitting music

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There has been some recent commentary regarding Kelly Osbourne’s decision to end her career as a musician.

As she stated in an interview with their podcast, The Osbournes, on the latest episode, “I have definitely thought about (getting back into music) in the past.”. There is no doubt in my mind that I have wondered what my life would have been had I not stopped.”

“I definitely regret what I did. Does that regret have anything to do with what I will do about it? He replied, “I don’t know,” as he took a step back from the conversation.

Kelly explained that there was a lot of television work she was doing at the time, which is the reason why she did not pursue a music career. The reason I felt like going out and having fun was because I was doing so much touring, so much publicity, and so many interviews.

There is no doubt that the reality star was worried about his life not being all work and no play, and he didn’t know how to balance things out and be able to live a balanced life.

As a result, she continued to elaborate, “It was terrible, but it also covered up a great deal of my insecurity, as well as a lot of naysaying, comparisons, and junk talk that I just talked about with drugs.”.

During the course of the conversation, Kelly pointed out that he had numbed himself with it. There was a kind of connection between that, with me, so it kind of went hand in hand with that, and I had to choose myself above all of that.”

In her words, “people think of me as a joke and think I am famous because of who my father is,” she stated.

As Kelly described, “They wanted that, I’m a girl, and here’s my punk-rock-pop attitude, and that’s what they wanted.”. I was told what to wear and made to lose weight, and they wanted me to do that.”

In response to my refusal to participate in the program, they said, “You’re 16 years old. There is a record deal that you have signed. Why are you complaining about this? ”What is the matter with you? As a result, I did not say anything to you,” explained the singer after the incident.

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