Kareena Kapoor discloses her plans to enter Hollywood

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Kareena Kapoor discloses her plans to enter Hollywood. Kareena Kapoor has recently revealed that she intends to make her Hollywood debut in Hansal Mehta’s The Buckingham Murders. The film is a story adapted from Mare of Easttown, one of many American crime dramas she has enjoyed working on. 

A number of rumors have circulated that Kapoor’s upcoming mystery drama, which was mainly shot in the English language, might help her make contacts in Hollywood, which would be very beneficial to her career.  

Hindustan Times was able to get the actress to put all the rumours to rest by saying she did not do The Buckingham Murders with the intention of bridging any geographical gap between India and the US.

It was Hansal Mehta who approached her and asked if I would like to be a part of The Buckingham Murders and I immediately said yes, because I do love Mare of Easttown.”

Jab Tak Hai actress Parul Arora added, “I feel this is something I’ve never done before, so I was really excited and nervous about playing this character. It’s not in the process of bridging any gap, but rather just the desire to do something different and reinvent oneself as an actor.

In one of the actress’s earlier interviews, she spoke about the role she wanted to play in her upcoming movie: that of a detective woman. 

Her heartfelt Instagram post expressed her desire to play Jas, a character she has been looking forward to playing for the past 23 years, dedicated to the detective series genre, which she adores… and I was aching to be that detective woman for the last 23 years.” 

Taking place in the year 2024 and produced by Shobha Kapoor, Ektaa R Kapoor and Kapoor herself, the movie will be released on March 22, 2024.

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