Joe Biden endorsement tears Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson up

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It has been made clear by Dwayne Johnson and also by his spokesperson that he will not be endorsing any presidential candidate in this year’s election, especially and especially not in the case of Joe Biden.

“The endorsement I made with Biden years ago was one that I thought was the best decision I could have made at the time when I was in the position where I had some influence, so I felt it was my responsibility to exercise my influence,” The Rock said in an interview with Fox News, reported by Variety. Then I decided, “Now that I am in this position where I am able to exert my influence.”

It is clear that he will not be doing that anymore, since his endorsement during the 2020 election created “division” and that will not be the case in the future.

I didn’t realize then that my endorsement caused something that I dreaded in my body – a great deal of division. In fact, I had no idea what division was until now, I just felt there was a lot of unrest and I would like things to settle down.”

According to Johnson, when the host Will Cain asked him whether he was satisfied with how America had been going, he replied that he was not.

As if breaking hearts wasn’t enough, Johnson also stated that he would not being running for the presidency in the future

He had first mentioned the possibility of running for president in 2017 saying that it was a “realistic consideration” for 2024 and that he was considering his options.

After the results of a political poll that claimed 46% of Americans were likely to vote for him in a presidential election held in 2022, he had revealed in a podcast that several parties approached him about running for the position.

Timenews1 provided that news. 

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