James Blunt sparks feud with Adele after calling her out

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It was reported that James Blunt expressed his criticism towards Adele after she postponed her previous concerts less than 24 hours before their scheduled dates.

I was surprised to find out that the You’re Beautiful crooner drew criticism from his fans over the past few years when he cancelled many of Adele’s shows due to the fact that Adele has been so busy over the past few years. When she heard that her Las Vegas residency was going to have to be cancelled just a few days before the start date, she broke down in tears.

The disappointment of fans who spent a considerable amount of money on tickets, airfares, and lodging to see her up close and personal was deep and long lasting.

Approximately halfway through the flight, one fan, who had been looking forward to the show so eagerly, found out the show had to be canceled. She was already tens of thousands of dollars in debt when she announced the news, and she had already spent thousands of dollars on non-refundable airfares and hotel stays as a result.

It is astounding that she didn’t give any notice of her absence. I am extremely angry and frustrated by the lack of notice she gave.

She had to cancel two concerts scheduled for Wembley Stadium in 2017 after she informed her fans that her vocal cords had been damaged during a concert in 2016. It has now come to light that a disgruntled James has spoken out in regards to Adele’s previous last-minute cancellations of gigs and his feelings regarding them.

During a discussion between James and Matt Everitt at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster, James told Matt Everitt, “I think she should have attended,” as he promoted his new book during an event in which James and Matt Everitt discussed his book.

Several tourists came from all over the world and were willing to pay good money to attend the festival, he said to Mail Online, according to the website.

Fans from all over the world were extremely upset and angry after Adele canceled her performance in Las Vegas and revealed how much money she had been paid by Adele’s fans to see the singer perform in person, as a result of Adele canceling her Las Vegas concert and disclosing how much money she had been paid by the I Drink Wine singer’ fans.

One person who spoke to the outlet told the outlet that she was outraged with Adele for putting off the show until such a late hour. “I understand that it is hard to make this kind of decision, but Adele would have known yesterday that the show wouldn’t be ready by tomorrow,” said the person.

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