J-Hope celebrates Hope Day on the streets during military service

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During his 30th birthday celebration in Seoul on Sunday, February 18, BTS’ J-Hope visited fans’ multicolored billboards and banners to wish them a very happy birthday.

It was on Instagram that the South-Korean rapper posted a series of images and videos on his Stories, which he put up on the platform. The latter was shared along with the former, writing the following sentences on each one in sequence: “HAPPY,” “HOPE,” “DAY.”

Videos were filmed in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, in which birthday banners and billboards were featured. There was no shortage of birthday shenanigans to flaunt by the K-pop idol, who was surrounded by his beloved army throughout the globe.

Adding the final picture of the three was a picture that featured J-Hope, wearing a denim jacket and a black beanie with a subtle touch to his outfit.

In his round semi-black specs and an all-black mask, the 30-year-old rapper struck a dapper pose as he sat in the middle of the street.

In December 2023, J-Hope and the other BTS members, as well as members of BTS, enlisted in the military. During April 18th, 2023, the Dynamite star began his mandatory military service, depending on how old he is.

Currently, he is employed as a training instructor with the 36th Infantry Division’s Baekho Recruit Training Battalion in Wonju, Gangwon Province, as part of his daily duties.

He is expected to serve in the military until the 17th of October, when he will be discharged.

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