It’s no problem for Emma Roberts to support her son

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According to Emma Roberts, she’s happy to provide financial support to her son, Rhodes, for the time being.

During Emma’s recent appearance on Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi on iHeartPodcast’s Table for Two podcast, she reflected on the relationship between herself and her three-year-old son, Rhodes, whom she shares with former partner Garrett Hedlund.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress said, “Now that I have been working for so long, I am able to support myself and I can also help out other people who are in need.”

Having my son to rely on is also quite a comforting thing for me to know that I will always be able to support him on my own, and I know that this is a great privilege for me.” remarked the 33-year-old mother.

According to Emma, “some people can’t do it, but I’m always trying to encourage people that they can try, and it’s not impossible.”.

A few minutes later in the podcast, the Holidate actress talked about feeling “mom guilt” when leaving for work, which she discussed in an earlier episode.

The guilt I feel as a mother is unbearable. It is so hard to take care of my son when I am away from him, working 12 hours a day, and then on the weekend I am completely exhausted, and I feel as if I am not being myself at all.

The other side of the coin, as Emma pointed out, is I believe that [he] will always know that his mom works very hard, and she is extremely passionate about what she does, so he will always be able to count on her to support him.

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