Israel’s war on Gaza: Day 170’s key events

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Crisis in the humanitarian sector and fighting

Israel’s war on Gaza, The Nasser Medical Complex in southern Gaza City has been under attack by Israeli warplanes, which have been reported to have caused explosions and gunfire near the Nasser Medical Complex. Israel has claimed responsibility for a number of Palestinian deaths in the Palestinian villages of Rafah and Deir el-Balah that occurred overnight.

Israeli war on Gaza appears to be grinding to a halt despite mediation efforts to end the conflict. It has been reported that Hamas representatives have informed the network that Israeli negotiators have rejected the latest ceasefire proposal.

A visit by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to the Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing, which is located in Gaza, has resulted in him calling again for an immediate cease-fire to relieve the humanitarian situation in Gaza. There would be even greater damage caused by any further onslaught – more destruction for Palestinian civilians, more destruction for hostages and more destruction for everyone in the region, which Guterres said.

It has been described as a moral outrage by Guterres that starvation gripped the besieged enclave. On the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing, Israel has imposed a restriction on the entry of trucks into the Strip – causing a backlog of trucks filled with supplies on the Egyptian side of the crossing.

In a report from the US military, the Houthi rebels, who have intensified their attacks on the Red Sea shipping, have launched ballistic missiles at a Chinese owned oil tanker in the waters off Yemen on Saturday. In response to Israel’s war on Gaza, the Houthis have demanded an end to the conflict.

Central Command of the US military reported on Saturday that its forces “engaged” six drones belonging to the Houthi rebel group over the southern Red Sea.

Tensions in the region caused by diplomacy

According to Reuters news agency, an Israeli official briefed on the developments at the Qatar-hosted talks on Saturday told the news agency that the US has made a “bridging proposal” regarding the number of jailed Palestinians that Israel would release in exchange for each captive released by Hamas in any new Gaza force. It has been reported that an Israeli delegation is currently engaged in indirect negotiations with the Palestinian group Hamas in Doha.

Yoav Gallant, Israel’s Defense Minister, will depart for Washington, DC on Sunday to meet with US officials about the progress of a captive exchange agreement with Hamas, Gallant’s office announced on Saturday.

As a result of President Joe Biden’s signature into law of a bipartisan funding bill, it has been announced that the US will no longer provide funding to UNRWA until at least March 2025.

The Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing, said on Saturday that an Israeli soldier who was being held captive in Gaza died as a result of a shortage of medication and food. There has also been confirmation from the Israeli army that a soldier of its has passed away.

It was reported early on Sunday morning that Israeli air strikes had wounded three people in the eastern city of Baalbek in Lebanon over the past night, one of which hit a two-storey building, an AFP correspondent said. Since the beginning of October, there have been hundreds of deaths and thousands of displaced people on both sides of the border as a result of exchanges of fire.

A demonstration has been staged by thousands of Israelis in order to demand that Hamas release its captives. It has been reported that demonstrators are calling for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s resignation.

There has been a continuing wave of pro-Palestinian solidarity demonstrations across Europe as of late. On Saturday, hundreds of people marched around the world calling for a ceasefire, among them Vienna, Milan, Berlin and Dublin, among a number of other cities. provided that news

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