Israeli troops ambushed by Palestinian fighters in north Gaza

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Israeli troops ambushed by Palestinian fighters in north Gaza, There were fierce battles between Palestinian fighters and Israeli forces in the northern Gaza City district of Shujayea on Wednesday, a day after thousands of civilians fled their homes in terror following the arrival of tanks and troops.

As part of an ongoing campaign in Shujayea, an armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad said on Friday it blew up an apartment building that was booby-trapped, killing four Israeli soldiers and wounding five more as a result.

An Israeli warplane was reported to have fired an undetonated F-16 missile from a nearby warplane after it was recovered intact after it had been fired by the improvised explosive device used in the attack.

The Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s armed wing, have also stated that their fighters continue to engage in violent clashes throughout Gaza, while inflicting death and injury through attacks using anti-tank rockets and small arms fire.

There was also an earlier attack by Israeli air, artillery, and armored vehicles on the war-ravaged northern Gaza Strip a day earlier after Israel pulled out of the region in January, claiming that Hamas had been “dismantled” there.

The summer heat makes it unbearable for Palestinian civilians to leave in droves carrying their meagre belongings through rubble-strewn streets while wending their way through rubble-strewn streets. According to UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric, Israel has displaced more than 60,000 people from Gaza City since Thursday, according to UN sources.

According to Israel’s military, one Israeli soldier has been killed and nine more have been injured during violent clashes that have taken place throughout Gaza in the past 24 hours. There was no official confirmation of the soldiers’ deaths Shujayea on Friday, however.

Battles continue in Rafah

A ground operation supported by air raids continues to take place in northern Gaza, with dozens of fighters being killed, according to the army on Friday. The heavy fighting is in response to remarks made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this week, in which he suggested that the “intense phase” of the war was wrapping up.

According to the military, in its first details of the operation, the soldiers began “targeted raids” in Shujayea after intelligence indicated that “terrorists and terrorist infrastructure” were present in the area, the military said.

The Israeli army has lost at least 668 soldiers since the ground invasion of Gaza began on October 7, 2023, including more than 300 who died during that invasion. Three thousand nine hundred and fifty-three have also been injured.

During the nearly nine-month conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, Israel is alleged to have killed around 15,000 Palestinian fighters.

The Israeli army lost eight soldiers in an attack earlier this month that involved Hamas fighters ambushing and blowing up a military vehicle with a rocket-propelled grenade earlier in the month in southern Rafah, the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian health ministry reported Friday that at least 11 people were killed by tank shelling in Rafah. Families who were forced from their homes by Israeli fire were seeking shelter further north, describing chaotic scenes as fighting drew closer as the Palestinian people fled what they said was intensifying Israeli fire.

A resident of the Shakoush area allegedly reported that some bulldozers in the area piled up sand so that Israeli tanks could position themselves behind it.

According to the unnamed man spoke to the news agency Reuters, “the situation in the Mawasi area now appears to be very dangerous and many families are fleeing to Khan Younis as they become unsafe for them.”

At least 5,000 people have been displaced and at least 40 civilians have been killed during the raids into al-Mawasi – declared by Israel’s army to be an “evacuation zone” – according to the UN’s Dujarric.

There have been large swathes of Gaza’s population uprooted, and many of the territory’s infrastructure has been destroyed, as a result, leaving the residents of Gaza struggling to survive. Almost 500,000 people in Gaza are suffering from “catastrophic” hunger, according to a UN-backed report issued this week.

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