Israel airstrike Rafah, killing 14 Palestinians, including children

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According to a witness and reports in the media, Israeli forces bombed a residential building in the southern Gazan city of Rafah, killing at least 14 Palestinians and burying many others in the rubble of the building.

As many as 11 people were killed in an Israeli drone attack on tents housing displaced Palestinians in Rafah on Saturday evening, hours after a drone strike on displaced Palestinian tents left at least seven people dead.

Witnesses say that one of the buildings in the Al Salam neighbourhood of Rafah was reduced to rubble after the latest attack in Rafah.

According to news agencies, at least six children were killed and dozens more were injured.

Among those killed were civilians, including some displaced by Israel’s ongoing assault on Gaza, according to Ahmed Radwan, a rescue worker at the scene.

There have been a number of bodies removed from the rubble and a number of injured people have been rescued, however, there are still many civilians – women and children – who are still under it.

“Our resources are scarce and limited, so we are forced to make do with what we have. There is little fuel available at the moment for searching and rescuing equipment to operate as this war enters its sixth month. As a result, we are unable to rescue women and children from under the rubble, due to a lack of heavy equipment, which means we are unable to pull them from under the rubble,” he said.

The victims had to be rescued from beneath the rubble by hand and with a few pieces of light old equipment that we found lying around.”

As well as providing information about air strikes on Khan Younis, Wafa also reported that air strikes were also launched on Jabalia and Nuseirat refugee camps in the north and central parts of Gaza Strip, which are located in the southern part of the Strip.

As a result of the violence in Jabalia and Nuseirat, several people have been killed and wounded, though it did not provide a precise number.

There were also a big number of raids conducted by Israeli forces on the occupied West Bank during the same time period as the relentless attacks on Gaza, including the cities Tulkarem, Azzun and Jayyous that are located near the city of Qalqilya, and the Al-Arroub refugee camp that is located north of the city of Hebron.

Two men were taken into custody for interrogation, with one of them being briefly detained.

The total number of Palestinians killed and wounded since Israel launched its war on Gaza on October 7 amounts to more than 30,320 Palestinians killed and 71,533 wounded. Despite this, Israel has carried out a devastating offensive and blockade of the Gaza Strip, resulting in the destruction of most of the coastal enclave and the imminent threat of famine for approximately 2.3 million people.

As many as 118 people have been killed by Israeli forces on Thursday for trying to reach an aid convoy while hungry Palestinians were trying to reach the convoy.

Due to the outrage generated by the attack, the United States sent food aid by airdrop into Gaza in response to the attack. In addition to the Jordanian forces, Jordanian forces also participated in the operation.

The international community was continuing to work towards ending the conflict, and a senior US official had said that a framework had been put in place for a six-week pause in fighting.

During an interview with reporters, to the extent that the official could comment, he said, “the Israeli government has more or less accepted it” and that the “only right now is with Hamas”, the armed group in control of Gaza.

In a report cited by Reuters news agency, the agency reported that Israeli and Hamas delegations will arrive in Egypt for talks on Sunday, quoting two Egyptian security sources.

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