Is there a “dark mirror” of the universe we live in?

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As one of the greatest mysteries in the world of science, the invisible dark matter remains a mystery to this day. According to Popular Mechanics, it has been suggested that there is a “dark mirror universe” that mimics our own.

In the universe as a whole, dark matter – a mysterious, invisible substance – lurks everywhere lurking, untouched by our revelations. Approximately 85% of our universe is made up of dark matter, and according to scientists there are 5kg of dark matter for every 1kg of regular matter in the universe.

As a result of studying light, we can determine that when dark matter is present, the objects that are nearby get affected by it. This is confirmed through the study of light.

Researchers have come up with a new explanation for the relationship between normal matter and dark matter, which they published in the preprint journal arXiv.

There is a mirror image of every physical interaction in normal matter that exists in the dark universe, which has the same physical interactions in both universes, according to the article in Live Science. The mirror universe is linked to the normal universe through its mirror interactions.

Moreover, the paper suggests that while in our world, protons and neutrons have the same mass, the mass of these particles may be different in the dark realm. There are many worlds in which protons are capable of evaporating, which results in a destabilization of the interaction between protons and neutrons in an atom. In the absence of protons, there is a “free-floating sea of dark neutrons” created as a result of the absence of protons.

There have been a few studies that have proposed the idea of a dark mirror universe, although this study may not be the first to suggest it. Researchers from the University of Toronto suggest that we might be able to detect glimpses of dark matter stars if they contain even the tiniest amount of normal matter.

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