Is chocolate milk good for Kids?

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As a childhood staple, chocolate milk is almost as popular as can be and most people will admit that it is a delicious drink. However, the nutritional value of chocolate milk can be a bit gray, making it a controversial beverage among some people.

Chocolate milk is traditionally considered both delicious and nutritious, which is part of the reason it is popular among children. However, some argue that serving chocolate milk to children may not be the best choice for their health, as it might not contain the essential nutrients they need to be healthy.

However, the question still remains, what are the benefits of drinking chocolate milk? It’s time to find out! Let’s take a closer look!

Several essential nutrients, including calcium, can be found in milk, and milk itself possesses a variety of health benefits, according to USA Today, who quoted Dr Travis Nemkov, an assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular genetics at the University of Colorado as saying that milk contains a lot of health benefits.

Among the bodily functions Nemkov lists are:

  • Bones and teeth: their formation and maintenance
  • Function of muscles
  • Signaling by nerves
  • Function of blood vessels
  • Clotting of the blood
  • Production of hormones
  • Function of enzymes

Aside from that, milk is also an excellent source of vitamin D, which aids the body in absorbing calcium, supports the immune system and is also crucial for the function of the nervous system.

Due to the added sugar and calories in chocolate or flavoured milk, there is a lot of controversy about them. There are some people who are unable to handle the fact that milk is rich in nutrients, even though it does not negate that fact.

If a child or adult is active or eats a healthy and balanced diet, they may be able to handle the excess sugar and calories, while others may struggle with obesity or diabetes as a result of a poor diet.

The sale of chocolate milk and flavoured milk in schools has been banned in some cities, but a study from 2020 found there was no significant difference in the intake of essential nutrients as a result of this decrease in milk consumption.

There is evidence that chocolate milk’s protein content helps to rebuild muscle tissue, and its calcium content strengthens skeletal structure, according to registered dietician Amanda McCarthy.

As athletes burn a significant amount of carbohydrates during competitions, they may not care about the sugar content in chocolate milk as they may not worry about it as they burn a significant amount of carbohydrates during their competitions.

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