Iran’s Khamenei’s Meta twitter accounts have been suspended

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Iran’s Khamenei’s Meta twitter accounts have been suspended, Meta has taken down Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s Facebook and Instagram accounts in violation of Meta’s content policies after it found them to be in violation.

In relation to the breach of the Dangerous Organizations and Individuals Policy which has been ongoing for the past several months, Meta has taken this action after repeatedly violating it with respect to the policy.

It has been reported by Meta that, in addition to the accounts that are owned by Khamenei, there is a network of social media accounts that engage in “inauthentic activity” and mislead people about “who they are and what they do.”

Earlier this month, Meta was reportedly reported to have deleted 200 Facebook profiles, 125 Instagram accounts, nine groups, and 29 pages related to the Iranian network, Al Bawaba, a local Iranian source reported.

As stated in Meta’s policy that was used to make this decision, organizations and individuals that have a “proclamation of a violent mission or are engaged in violence in order to maintain a presence on Meta’s social media portals” will not be allowed to have a presence on the social media portals in order “to prevent and disrupt real-world harm.”

There are more than 5.1 million followers on his Instagram page in Persian and over 204,000 followers on his Instagram account in English, despite his profile being banned in Iran. Khamenei has held power in Iran for 35 years and has been a prominent figure for that time.

Even though Meta didn’t discuss the Israel-Hamas war within his speech, Mohammad Marandi, one of the most prominent Iranian intellectuals and former government advisors, charged Meta with hypocrisy for not mentioning that Israeli officials had not faced similar restrictions on their support for Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Ayatollah Khamenei is unquestionably the most powerful and influential leader in the world. This is his crime; he empowers and supports the resistance in Palestine.

Timenews provided that news.

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