Iranian criticism of US attacks on Iraq, Syria

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The Islamic Republic of Iran has said the U.S. attacks on its allies in Iraq and Syria are a ‘strategic error’ which will only worsen tensions in the Middle East which have already been exacerbated by Israel’s military operation in Gaza.

In retaliation to an attack on three American soldiers in Jordan on Sunday by a drone that killed three of the United States’ soldiers, the United States struck against Iranian-backed fighters in Iraq and Syria on Friday.

A later statement from US President Joe Biden claimed the strikes would continue at a time and place that best suits them.

According to Nasser Kanaani, a spokesperson from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday, the US attacks against Iraq and Syria are a clear violation of international law, as they constitute an assault on the sovereign and territorial integrity of those countries.

As a result of these attacks, the Zionist regime is merely able to achieve its objectives. In such attacks, the US government becomes increasingly involved in the region and overshadows the crimes perpetrated by Israel’s Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip,” the statement said, referring to Israel’s crimes.

“Continued use of such methods threatens international peace and security on a regional and international level,” the report continued, urging the United Nations Security Council and the international community to act in order to prevent the crisis from spreading to other parts of the world.

In a statement issued by the Iranian government, it stated that “the roots of the tensions and crises in the region go back to the occupation by the Israeli regime, the continuation of the offensive against Gaza by this regime, and the genocide perpetrated on the Palestinian people with the unrelenting support of the US”.

“We must focus on and resolve the root causes of the crisis if we are to achieve stability and security in the region,” the report said, emphasizing the importance of finding the root cause of the crisis and resolving it.

In the Middle East, military bases have been operated by the US for decades now. Approximately 30,000 US soldiers are scattered around the region in different parts of the country. Additionally, the US has been temporarily sending thousands of additional troops to the Gaza region since the Gaza war began in October, including on warships, with the goal of providing assistance to the Gazans.

It would appear that Friday’s strikes by the United States did not directly target Iran or its military leaders within its borders, even though there were claims that they had done so. The Iranian government has denied being behind the attack on Jordan.

Timenews provided that news.

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