iOS 17 users get a hidden feature from Apple

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Hidden feature Apple, Among all the new features included in Apple’s iOS 17, there is one that you need to know about.

Apple’s iOS 17.4 version that was released in March brought iPhone users a number of helpful new features, such as podcast transcripts and Apple Cash virtual card numbers.

When CNET reported that Apple released iOS 17 in September, the company unveiled a new feature called Screen Distance, which is designed to make you more aware of your eyes and help you take better care of your vision, according to CNET.

If you are holding your iPhone or iPad too close to your face, this feature will alert you, much in the same way a parent would alert you when you are sitting too close to the TV or computer screen.

It has been found that placing a screen close to the face can irritate your eyes and cause stress to them as a result. Cedars-Sinai, a health organization, has listed the issues that can be caused by a screen close to your face.

Apple says that its new iOS 17 feature reduces the strain on your eyes and may even reduce your risk of developing myopia, or nearsightedness, due to the function’s ability to lessen eye strain.

It’s important to protect your eyes from eye strain and glare by using the Screen Distance feature on iOS 17.

Make use of the screen distance

1. Go to the Settings menu.

2. On the screen, tap the Screen Time button.

3. Tap Screen Distance.

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