In wake of Jewish protest brawl, California asks public for help

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There is a divergent view as to the events leading up to Paul Kessler’s death on Sunday, 69-year-old Jewish man who fell in Thousand Oaks and died as a result of his head injury during a war protest between Israel and Hamas. Authorities in Southern California are asking for your assistance in sorting through the divergent witness statements.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Ventura County Sheriff Jim Fryhoff commented on the cause of the fall of Paul Kessler, who was having a disagreement with a pro-Palestinian demonstrator when he fell. At the time of the fall, Kessler was engaged in a heated argument with the demonstrator.

In his statement, Fryhoff said, “We are still waiting for evidence of what transpired during that encounter, and whether or not Mr. Kessler fell without that being the precipitating event, and whether or not there was a blow to the face that caused the fall.” He also urged people to come forward with video, photos, or accounts of the incident.

According to Kessler, the sheriff, he was defending Israel during the protests, which were two of several demonstrations that took place in cities around the US either in support of Israel or to criticize its retaliation for the Hamas bombing on October 7, which killed more than 1,400 people.

Over 10,000 people are reported to have died in Gaza as a consequence of Israeli military attacks, as reported by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Ramallah, which claims that the attacks were inspired by sources inside Hamas’ enclave in Gaza.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene just before 3:30pm on Monday and discovered Kessler still conscious and receptive to their commands. As a result of his injuries, Young claimed he was immediately taken to a hospital where he was diagnosed as critically ill, but passed away from his wounds the next morning.

As the sheriff stated, the death of Kessler is considered to have been homicide but there is no denying there is the possibility that it may have been a hate crime, he added.

According to the sheriff, after being interviewed at the site by detectives, a 50-year-old suspect who cooperated with them admitted to them that he had a fight with Kessler as well as that he had cooperated with them. As per the suspect’s testimony, he was one of the individuals who called 911 in order to seek medical assistance for Kessler after he had collapsed.

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